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La Chola’s – Lean like a Chola

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True Love Chola STYLE

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Roc-A-Chola (PPM) Pink Mink Mafia Clothing

PPM BIO ~ If you haven’t heard or jumped on the scene yet, PinkMinkMafia (PMM) is making a lot of noise and stopping traffic. We are not just a Latino owned clothing company that introduced the style “Rock~A~Chola” from the streets to the fashion runway, we are now a subculture across the states. A culture that consists of raza that see and support our vision. That vision is to positively put Latina’s on the map. We are the hard working mamas, hustlers, rappers, the movers and shakers, inked up beauties, pin-up queens, hair dressers, Dj’s, bounty hunters, school teachers, and just hot sexy mamas causing that scene. We are here to accomplish the same mission and that is to show people that “We mujeres can run things”. Established in November of 2006, PMM has proven that nothing is out of reach. Hitting the airways on Pocos Pero Locos to discuss the unique style of “Rock~A~Chola“, a PMM branded look inspired by the Rockabilly, Pachuca and Gangsta scene with a little bit of hood in the mix, to making television appearances on shows that support Latino communities like Thee Mr. Duran Show to talk about the missions and goals for PMM. Founder/CEO Latina Vamp (LV) and her business partner Co-Owner/COO Ariana Perez can be found on any given day on the streets of the city they love so much. They have built and structured this company from nothing into something, and are living proof of the American dream and that if you want something bad enough, nothing or no one can stop you. To own and wear PMM clothing, is to represent our culture proudly and support our revolution to break free from the fashion deficit and the mold in which society feels we should be.

More info ROC-A-CHOLA PMM Clothing Check out

Represent and Support your Hood PMM STYLE

Watch a PPM Video

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This is For the Chicas all across the World The Latest Chola Style Clothing, Music and More.

Keeping It Gangsta

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